YuGiOh! World

YuGiOh! World

YuGiOh! World is our one stop Yu-Gi-Oh! fan-site complete with coverage of the TCG, TV (anime)series, and GameBoy, NDS, and PS/PSP, and mobile device video games info.

Top priority is given to Yu-Gi-Oh! related news and happenings. This is diplayed on the home page and with featured posts running across the top of the page.

Game coverage features include game detail, cheats and card codes, walk-throughs and screenshots. Game reviews are provided when available.

Episode and movie coverage includes summaries and screen grabs as well as other related information. Reviews are also provided when available.

There is basic how-to and related information on the TCG with a TCG card database planned for the future.

YuGiOh! World hosts and helps run the exodia.gg Yu-Gi-Oh! fan forums (previously known as Yu-Gi-Oh! ETC Forums), a great place to meet awesome people and discuss Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, games and more.

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YuGiOh! World